twinmax and Honda

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twinmax and Honda

Postby gel9001 » Sat May 28, 2005 9:25 pm

Pardon the off topic question. A buddy of mine has a Honda ST1300 and he bought a twinmax to synch his throttle bodies. Unfortunately he doesn't know how to use it and has asked for my help. I own one and use it on my R, but don't know how to use on non beemer bike.

Can someone point me in the direction to find instructions on how to use on this type of bike?



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Postby boxermania » Sat May 28, 2005 11:23 pm have an aversion for trouble.....always asking for it.....but kidding aside, I don't kmow much about the ST1300 other than is a 4 cyl.

So either the TB's are syamesed and you use the Twin-Max as you would on the BMW or if not I guess the you would sync the two cyl on one side first, then move to the other side and then compare one TB from one side to the other on the other side.......Hey, I don't know!!!!!

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thanks Al

Postby gel9001 » Sun May 29, 2005 9:06 am

Its a V4 so maybe only 2 throttle bodies. What you say makes alot of sense.

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Postby pbenoit » Tue May 31, 2005 4:41 pm

Had a 4 cyl Kaw Concours and you synch'd the two left carbs first, the two right carbs next and than the two middle carbs to synch both sets (the carb to the #3 cyl was the base carb according to Kaw). I would assume that on the ST you would synch both throttle bodies on one side of the V, than synch the throttle bodies on the other side next, and than one throttle body from each side of the V (however, I don't know which one Honda uses as the base throttle body). Hope this helps.......
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Postby darthrider » Tue May 31, 2005 5:08 pm

My buddy's TwinMax has instructions for setting multi's.

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thanks guys

Postby gel9001 » Tue May 31, 2005 5:20 pm

appreciate the help


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