Bashing the Bash

The sexy K1200R!

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Bashing the Bash

Postby MikeCam » Thu May 22, 2008 4:56 pm

At the PA Bash there were 3 K1200's - two S's and an R Sport. Former Roadster/Beakster guys who turned hooligan. To their credit, the Roadster guys and Beaksteristas put up with that stuff pretty good naturedly. Here is a brief synopsis for anyone interested in the rain riding ability of the K1200: no issues. Fully loaded bags and soft top duffle, rider in a 'Stich.

The arrival trip, 300 miles of rain swinging from drizzle to downpour, was uneventful. The bike remains planted, stable in winds, sure-footed on wet corners. I was a bit concerned about over powering a corner exit and losing the rear, but it never happened. The Sport screen keeps the most wicked weather off the body while the lower legs somehow also remained dry(ish). The roads were mostly clear of debris and gravel but being Pennsylvania ranged in condition from excellent to poorly maintained. A mix of US highways, state highways, and local roads.

The return trip featured a change - fog to go with the drizzle, rain, and drenching rain. Again, sure footed and stable in all conditions. During one transition through a largely populated and traffic heavy area, the range of response from slow and low to high and fast was smooth and had no rough throttle transitions.

Overall, the BMW inline 4, the K12 frame, and Duolever/Paralever suspension make for a good sport-touring setup in the wet stuff.
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Re: Bashing the Bash

Postby CupOHemlock » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:45 pm

I missed seeing this post earlier, and as one of the two K12S bikes at the Bash, I feel I must chime in.

I had the pleasure of a K1200R prior to the S and it was (is) a fabulous piece of Teutonic engineering. I always preferred the naked bike and for some reason felt the wind on me and the elements were merely what a rider was supposed to enjoy/endure. Allow me to also volunteer my enthusiasm for the K bike surefooted ways in the rain. The S is my first faired bike and it goes even further in adding a great degree of wind and rain protection.... to a point. The deluge on the way back from the Bash was too much for any bike, but it was nice keeping the wind off me and a bit of the rain off my legs.

Overall, I agree with Mike on the stability of the platform and recommend it highly. Now if the doctor would clear me to get back on mine I would be ever so happy :)

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Re: Bashing the Bash

Postby Boxer » Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:37 am

I don't have a K1200R or S but I have to say I really like the way the engine sounds like some kind of turbo jet cranking up.

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