Desert Heat Battery Life

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Desert Heat Battery Life

Postby AZBMWRIDER » Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:24 pm

I was wondering if any members reside in the desert southwest US, or other desert location ??
I have lived in the Phoenix area going on 24 years .
I am originally from the Chicago area and the bike batteries lasted 6-7 years there, this is the standard ' flooded ' type battery .
Here, I get between 24-30 months before the battery quits, really doesn't matter what battery I get, generic AGM, PC680, etc..., they all last about the same .
Doesn't matter what bike, the oilhead, airheads, or Guzzi, pretty much the same service life, every once in a while I'll get one to last 36 months, but, that's a rarity .
Just curious if anyone has any tips on this .
I just bought replacement batteries for the bikes, I've been using generic AGM's that I get locally for $32 each, exact dimensions to fit the BMW's .
'02 R1150R, Atlanta Blue
Been riding since 1979, BMW's since 1981 .
3 R65's, '87 Guzzi V65 Lario .

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