Compatible S/H rear wheel P/Ns for 2002 R 1150RS

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Compatible S/H rear wheel P/Ns for 2002 R 1150RS

Postby armered » Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:34 am

I've been trying to source a 2nd replacement rear wheel for my (2002 - possibly built 2001) R 1150RS.
Frame No: WB10447A02 ZG51279.

The Part Number my wheel is 2 331 and then a blank raised oval.

My BMW dealer was unwilling to advise but sent me to where the VIN leads me to a P/N 36 31 2 331 692.

Various breakers on eBay have visually similar rear wheels - mainly with a P/N 2 331 357.

However, one has an app in their eBay page. This allows the item to be checked against the model and year of bike. Entering my bike details gives - "This item doesn't fit BMW R 1150 RS 2002".

Does anyone know how many of the digits determine the part (some, last 3?, may just indicate a casting number)?

If any wheel with 2 331 would be suitable - how come the compatibility app indicates NOT suitable?

It's causing me no end of headaches - what started as a Sunday puncture, morphed into the wheel also having been penetrated and now - the replacement seems shrouded in mystery.

I e-mailed Motorrad UK - who suggested I take my "car" to one of their dealers. This seemed to indicate a profound lack of engagement with the query.

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