Adjusting Water Boxer valves

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Adjusting Water Boxer valves

Postby RedRyder » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:26 am

Check out the Spring 2017 issue of BMW Motorcycle Magazine for an excellent review of how to adjust the DOHC valves on our waterboxers. The good: the interval between adjustments is twice as long. The bad: the requirement and cost of specialty tools will run you close to $300. yikes! I have not invested in these tools at this time and what I did to maintain my warranty was to change all the fluids, filters, plugs. Everything required on the 12,000 mile service and then took it to the dealer for the valve check and reset of service light. They charged me $70 for the valve check and nothing to reset the service light. I didn't ask but usually the reset of service light is around $50. Maybe since I bought it there and had the valves checked they passed on that charge.

By the way, BMW Motorcycle Magazine is independent of the Motorrad Co. and has beautiful images and interesting articles.

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